Bad Emails are Bad for Business

Our email list cleaning services enable you to securely validate email addresses, and identify bad ones from your lists and databases.

Why Email List Cleaning Matters

  • Protects against blacklisting
  • Elevates your IP/domain sending reputation
  • Increase the likelihood of inbox delivery

What Email List Hygiene Does, Exactly

  • Identifies undesirable email addresses, such as undeliverables and "spam traps"
  • Corrects improperly formatted emails

Our Process

Our 20-step process utilizes a complex set of algorithms to test and repair each bad email address independently. Here's a high-level view of our proprietary process:

  • Verify Email - is valid; j~sm!th@abc,com is not
  • Verify DNS – Will the domain accept this email?
  • Flag – Identify all spam traps and "honeypots"
  • Test – We ping all remaining emails to ensure deliverability
  • Repair – When appropriate, we will repair improperly formatted email addresses
  • Return – In near real-time, you will receive your deployment-ready email addresses

Indiemark offers email list cleaning services that will help you generate more sales for less expense with zero hassles.