Email Design and Copy that Converts

A well-executed email design will engage your recipients, which will drive more clicks and ultimately generate more revenue. Let our team of email marketing designers and coders show you how to increase your email-driven sales.

Our Process

  • Strategic Session
    Based on your needs and the behavior of your subscribers, our creative team will work with you to identify the attributes that are essential for the success of your email campaigns.
  • Copywriting
    We will write subject lines, pre-header text, or the entire content of your promotional emails to ensure they convert.
  • Graphic Design
    You'll receive multiple graphic mock-ups to make sure that your message is on-brand and actionable.
  • HTML Coding
    Our email developers will code your email to ensure compatibility with all devices.
  • Testing
    We use two separate third-party email rendering tools, as well as manual testing, to guarantee that your custom email design looks great across all platforms and devices.
  • Installation
    We will install your customized email in your ESP of choice, using your ESP's unique merge fields.
  • Training
    If required, we will show you how to navigate your ESP in order to maximize your efficiency moving forward.

Why Indiemark?

  • Talented Designers
    We don't "design for design's sake." We create customized, mobile-ready emails that drive action and generate revenue.
  • Bullet-Proof Coding
    As providers managed email marketing services, we know that custom email newsletters must not only be efficient, but also stand up to everyday wear and tear, Our coding is designed to take a beating and not miss a beat.
  • We Know Your ESP
    We've created hundreds of custom email templates, which means we're intimately familiar with the inner workings of every Email Marketing Service Provider. This expertise ensures that your ongoing email production will be painless and trouble-free.
  • Big on Efficiency
    We use dynamic data (merge tags) and triggered messages whenever possible, so that you can spend less time on your ESP and more time growing your email list.
  • Tricks of the Trade
    We know them all (like Converting Images to HTML to bypass image blocking problems) and we'll put them to work for you.
  • Experience
    Since 1997, we've designed literally thousands of compelling custom emails.
  • Forever Support
    Having trouble with an email we've designed? No problem! If it breaks, we'll fix it, no questions asked.

Let's talk email marketing to see whether our custom email design services are right for your organization.