A Database that Prevents Abuse and Fraud

If you're an ESP, or you work in email deliverability or marketing compliance, you know the risks associated with questionable contact lists and toxic email addresses.

Is that list old, purchased, a ticking time bomb?

Is your customer a good guy or something else?

Until now, you never really knew until they pulled the trigger. With BlackBox, you'll know before the damage is done.

The Data

BlackBox is a massive database of potentially problematic email addresses.

It is sourced from a wide variety of data suppliers and resellers. Currently, 24 different feeds (from 14 different suppliers in 8 different countries) are all compiled and standardized in order to provide you with direct access to nearly every email address that is being bought and sold on the open market.

Millions of new records are delivered to you each month, which you can leverage and analyze independently or add to your existing preemptive abuse detection efforts, in order to better protect your platform from abusive mailers.

Use Cases

  • Vetting New Customers - Email Service Providers use BlackBox to preemptively identify potentially problematic customers. For example, if a customer's list has a high match rate with BlackBox, the ESP will know how to manage that customer, before they mail.
  • Vetting Data Partners - Publishers use BlackBox to vet their data partners and conduct periodic audits of their contributions.
  • Suppressing Toxic Contacts - It is important for deliverability teams to identity data that can cause their organization headaches, or worse. BlackBox allows you to flag our growing list of problematic emails and domains against your suppression or watch lists.

The Deliverable

  • Legacy Data - 100-150 million records (trailing 12 months)
  • New Data - 6-12 million records (per month)
  • Toxic Data - 50,000+ known litigators, traps and SBL-level complainers

Consumer (B2C) records typically include email address, name, zip code or postal address, as well as source site. Business (B2B) records are typically limited to email address and contact name. The Toxic Data set consists primarily of email address and/or URL.

To learn more about pricing and permitted usages, contact Scott at 407.970.9372 or scott@indiemark.com.